Wedding Planner

When people think of a wedding planner they generally get one of two impressions; the first is of an ultra-organised and approachable individual, the second is of a bossy lady who will take over you wedding for you and make it her perfect day, not yours. Well, you will be pleased to know that the vast majority of wedding planners fall into the first category that you think of – organised yet approachable and friendly.

Many couples find planning their wedding stressful for many reasons including work commitments, not knowing where to being with it all and indecision, amongst many other issues. The role of a wedding planner is to understand your vision of your perfect day and then help you realise this vision within the budget that you have set.

A good wedding planner will get to know you as a couple and discuss your wants and requirements and try to make it happen for you. They should cater for your needs in terms of doing as much or as little as you want; and offer different price packages based upon these requirements.

Most wedding planners will offer different price packages which are dependent upon the amount of work you want them to do, for example if you want them to do a full plan from beginning to end, or simply finalise the details in the 6 weeks leading up to the wedding.

As you will want to meet your planner face to face, it is a good idea to employ one who is local to you so that they can visit at times convenient for you. For example, a Birmingham wedding planner would probably operate in the west midlands area only, so if you are a Newcastle bride, you might be more successful looking for a north east planner instead.