Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are generally small gifts which are placed on the table in front of guests when they sit down for the wedding breakfast. They are a little thank you and token of appreciation from the bride and groom to the guests to say that you for attending the wedding and sharing their special day with them.

There are a range of different favours available; some of the most popular include individual boxes filled with chocolates, personalised sweets and bags of sugared almonds. One of the biggest considerations most couples have when choosing wedding favours is how they will match the colour scheme or theme of the wedding.

It is common for the favours to be put into little boxes or alternative holders so that they match and compliment the table decorations. Some favours are not based around food or confectionary, they may be a little bookmark or keepsake poem for example, or something with meaning or significance. An alternative yet thoughtful type of wedding favour is mini picture frames with pictures of the guests in; it is something which they can keep as a reminder of your special day.