Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is an industrial storage solution for products and items which are long and/or heavy. It is used widely within a range of industries including timber merchants, metal forgeries and building yards due to its strength and flexibility.

Cantilever racking is made from strong steel posts known as uprights which have holes drilled into them periodically in which the cantilever arms are fitted. They are fitted at such an angle that the items to be stored are placed directly on to the arms and do not roll off. The uprights and cantilever arms are both made from strong steel, which enables them to withstand heavy loads.

Cantilever arms are available in different weight bearing levels which allow for different items to be placed upon them, giving flexibility. There is also flexibility in the fact that the pre-drilled holes in the uprights allow the cantilever arms to be fitted anywhere along them, meaning that you can make the space between the racks as large or small as you need.

If your storage area has limited space, then there are alternatives to conventional aisle cantilever racking; you can make the aisles smaller so less space is lost between them. Please be aware however that you will need to invest in specialist equipment such as side-reach forklifts to be able to pick and place the items where required. Another space saving feature is the fact that the racks can be double-sided, essentially storing the products back-to-back and reducing the amount of aisles required.

If you are in an industry which requires cantilever racking systems and want more information or require a quote, give Stakapal a call on 01543278123 or visit their website. With over 45 years experience in the racking industry, they are the market leaders in the manufacture and supply of cantilever racking.