A Frame Racks

A frame racks are perfect for storing long lengths of timber, plastic or metal in relatively small spaces. This is because it allows the lengths to be stored vertically, thus making the most of the floor space available.

Another advantage of A-Frame racking is that it allows access to all of the individual lengths of material, making it easy in terms of logistics. The racks also allow a range of different lengths to be stored at the same time.

Vertical racks are found in many timber merchants and builders yards as they are a good way to display the products on offer and allow customers access to make their own selections. There are also divider arms with provisions for price tickets to be inserted available which makes this type of racking even more suitable for commercial use.

The highest racks can accommodate up to 6m long materials, with smaller variations being available for shorter material lengths e.g. 2.5m high racks can hold up to 3.6m lengths.