CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, a concept which has become a part of everyday life for people worldwide. CCTV systems can be seen on high streets, outside offices, inside schools and even in and around our homes and residential areas. There are many debates surrounding the issue of CCTV and the so-called ‘Big Brother’ state that we now live in however, away from these complex debates, CCTV systems really do have many advantages.

Home CCTV Systems

CCTV in homes has become more common over recent years, perhaps due to the fact that CCTV systems have reduced in price over the years. Buying a property is for most people the largest investment they will ever make, and protecting this investment is a chief concern. The main advantage to having a CCTV installation is that it will deter burglars from your residence. This is because CCTV footage can be used in a Court of Law to prosecute offenders, therefore the idea that they will be caught on camera committing the crime should put them off. In the event that a break-in or other crime dose occur, then the footage can be used to both catch the culprit and prosecute them.

CCTV For Businesses

Having CCTV cameras on the outside of your business premises, like on the side of your house, should deter burglars and other criminals from committing offences on your property. It will also allow you to find criminals easier in the event of an offence being committed as well as secure convictions in Court; this is similar to how CCTV is advantageous to a home.

One thing that businesses have which homes do not however is employees. It is an unfortunate fact that a small number of employees have been known to steal or commit other offences whilst at work; having an internal CCTV system will not only deter this behaviour, but be used to catch the employees responsible should a theft occur. This can save a business a lot of money in the long term.

CCTV for Schools, Nurseries and Universities

There has been a lot of debate surrounding the suitability of CCTV systems in educational establishments, particularly schools and nurseries. Whilst there has been some negative press regarding these practices, they do have some clear advantages above and beyond the ones associated with other businesses detailed above.

The main advantage is to ensure that the safety of the children in the setting is upheld, both in terms of treatment by adults and children. Having cameras in corridors and watching the play areas should minimise bullying by children, or at least provide evidence of foul play if there is any. Similarly, stories have come to light regarding the mistreatment of children by adults whilst at nursery; CCTV images and footage have since been used to prosecute offenders in such cases.

As you can see, CCTV systems have many advantages for homes and businesses in all sectors. If you think that you could benefit from CCTV, we suggest that you contact Unison Integrated Technologies today on 0121 544 8470. They are industry leaders in CCTV installation and Access Control Systems; their friendly and professional team of experts are waiting for your call.