Access Control

Security is always a concern for businesses, and knowing who is able to access your building or restricted areas of it has a big part to play in this. Access control systems allow you to oversee and control who is able to enter the building, minimising the risk of intruders and unauthorised personnel.

Access control systems are available in many forms, from Photo ID and Magswipe card systems to biometric systems including fingerprint and iris recognition. The access control system most appropriate for your business will depend upon your building, number of employees, restricted areas and the confidentiality of information held within your company.

Internal doors can also be access controlled to ensure that unauthorised personnel do not have access to confidential information or restricted areas e.g. keeping regular staff out of a headteachers office. It can also add security in the event of a break-in – just because the burglars were able to get through one door, that does not mean they will be able to get through internal doors.

If your business requires an access control system, we suggest that you contact Unison Integrated Technologies as they are the UK leading access control company. To obtain a site visit and quote, call them on 0121 544 8470 today!