Social Media Marketing

The world of social media has expanded rapidly over the past few years with the introduction of many new sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google + and more. This influx of new social sites has not gone unnoticed by Google, and as a result the latest algorithm update has put more emphasis on social signals in terms of aiding ranking.

This means that every Tweet and status update is potentially aiding the SEO campaign, or perhaps hindering it if this marketing is not completed correctly. The ‘likes’ and ’hash tags’ that you receive from other users will also add to the SEO campaign and act as endorsements for your brand in the same sort of way that backlinks did previously.

As well as being a contributor to SEO, Social Media Marketing is a job in its own right. This is because the social media sites have not missed the opportunity to capitalise on the corporate market, and with the addition of Facebook business pages and Google + business pages and Business Photos, you need to have these prestigious accounts. They will serve as a source of marketing for getting your name on the open market; join LinkedIn and market your own individual skills as well as your company. Ultimately, social media sites give you a wide audience for a lot less effort than in an SEO campaign.