Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a way in which you can pay to get your website advertisement into Google or other search engines; the Google PPC system is called AdWords.

PPC marketing works on a bidding process; you set up your advertisement and then set an amount that you are willing to pay per time a user clicks on your advert and proceeds to your website. The amount staked is up to you, but be aware that if you are bidding too much you could be paying over the odds for an advertisement, yet if you are bidding too little you will not appear in the results at all.

The appearance of your advert depends not only on price, but also quality. Each advert is given a quality score for the wording and landing page and website that the advert takes to user too; the higher the quality score, the less you will pay per click. This means that it is necessary to optimise your website in order to get the best out of AdWords.

The main negative aspect of Google Adwords is that as soon as you stop paying for them, you will lose all of your Google advertising; unless you have organic positioning through SEO of course. This is why we suggest that you put 30% of your budget into AdWords and 70% into SEO; this will ensure that your adverts are being seen whilst your SEO campaign is being built, resulting in organic traffic eventually to compliment the AdWords campaign.