Quad Bike Insurance

Quad bikes are increasingly popular in the UK, as a form of leisure, for work purposes and as an alternative to traditional commuting methods e.g. cars and busses. If you plan to take a quad bike on to public roads, then it is a legal requirement that you have insurance whilst if you will use it on private land only, there is no legal requirement for insurance but it is strongly advised.

Quad bike insurance is available in three types of cover; Comprehensive, Third Party Only and Third Party, Fire & Theft. They offer different levels of cover and therefore the premiums attached to each of these insurance policies differs.

Comprehensive – A comprehensive policy is the highest level of quad bike cover available and as such it carries the highest premium. Comprehensive is an all-round policy, offering cover for third parties in the event of an accident which is caused by you, as well as paying for any repairs required on your quad in this event. As well as this, a comprehensive policy protects your quad against fire and theft which is particularly important.

Third Party Only (TPO) – This is usually the cheapest quad bike insurance policy as it provides the least amount of protection; it is the minimum legal requirement for UK roads. This policy will only pay for repairs to a third part vehicle if there is a collision whereby you are at fault; this means that you could end up with a large repair bill for your quad or be forced to write it off altogether. However, what is more concerning is that it does not provide cover for fire or theft; with over £5m worth of quad bikes being stolen in the UK every year, not have theft cover can be considered foolish. Whilst this is the cheapest form of insurance in terms of premium, it may end up costing you a lot more in the long term.

Third Party, Fire & Theft (TPFT) – This is the middle level of cover which bridges the gap between Comprehensive and TPO policies in terms of cover and price. It offers TPO cover, as well as protection for theft and fire damage; therefore, if your quad is destroyed by fire or stolen, you will receive compensation, thus avoiding large bills. The only thing you will not be covered for is the repair of your quad in the event of an accident caused by you.

Quad insurance is an unwelcome yet necessary expense however, there are actions that you as a quad owner can take which will help keep your premium to a minimum.

Security – The more secure that you make your quad, the lower the premium will be. This is because adding security features will reduce the risk of the quad being stolen or damaged, therefore lower the chances of the insurer having to pay out a claim. Acceptable levels of security include ground anchors and chains, as well as keeping your quad in a locked garage overnight.

Limit Mileage – The less mileage that you cover on your quad, the smaller the chance of you being involved in an accident. This means that the risk to the insurer is reduced and therefore they can offer you a smaller premium.

Clean License – When setting an insurance premium, the insurance company will not only consider the vehicle when weighing up risk, they will look at the driver too. If you have previous convictions and points on your license, you will be considered a higher risk than someone with a clean license. Therefore, the better you are as a driver, the lower your premium will be.

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