Van Fleet Insurance

Up and down the country, vans are seen on roads and motorways, sign written with the details of the company for whom they are working. Many companies rely on fleets of vans to transport their tradesmen, tools, parcels or other goods and equipment around the country; each one of these vans must have insurance in order to drive legally on British roads.

If your company has a fleet of vans, a fleet being 2 or more, then you could save money and time by taking out a van fleet insurance policy. A van fleet insurance policy will provide cover for all of your vans on one policy; this means one policy number, one renewal date and one renewal premium. Having all of these elements for every van all in one place will save time when renewals are due, as the renewal can be made in minutes for all of the vans with one insurer.

Like any vehicle insurance policy, fleet insurance policies are available in three main levels of cover; Comprehensive, Third Party Only and Third Party, Fire & Theft. Which level of cover you choose is an individual decision which is often governed by budget; Comprehensive policies are generally more expensive in terms of premium but will ensure that you never have a large repair bill, whilst Third Party Only premiums are the cheapest but you may be left with a large bill in the event of an accident.

If you think that Van Fleet Insurance is a requirement of your business, then we suggest that you give Falcon Insurance a call on 0800 221 8267.