Small Fleet Insurance

Small companies often have small vehicle fleets helping the business to run smoothly; an example of this is a family run builders who may have a couple of vans and an estate car which are used to transport workers and materials to the building sites. Even fleets as small as two vehicles in number can qualify for fleet insurance policies, which makes coordinating renewals and insurance budgets much more simple than insuring each vehicle individually.

Small Fleet Insurance policies are flexible in their nature in that they allow the policyholder to insure a mixture of vehicles on the same policy e.g. cars, vans and HGV vehicles where required. This means that all of your vehicles will have the same policy number and renewal date, making keeping track of the policy simple.

You will also benefit from having only one premium to pay, which can make budgeting for insurance easier which is particularly important for small businesses. Small fleet insurance can save you money as well as time; many insurers will offer a relatively lower premium for fleet insurance policies rather than individual vehicle ones as there is less admin to do at their end, making it a cheaper option for them in terms of time used and staff consulted.