Minibus Fleet Insurance

Minibuses are used by a number of different companies and organisations; from schools and sports teams to taxi companies and airport transfers. Many of the organisations and companies will have more than one minibus that they use for business purposes; many insurance companies consider 2 or more vehicles as a fleet meaning that you will qualify for minibus fleet insurance.

Minibus fleet insurance policies are available which offer blanket cover for all of your vehicles; it puts your minibuses on one insurance policy. The advantage of having all of your minibuses covered in one policy is that the renewal date and policy number will be the same for all of them, this makes it easier to keep track of when renewals are due and contact the insurer in the event of an accident and quote the correct policy number.

You can even save money by taking out a fleet insurance policy rather than insuring your minibuses individually. This is because there is less administration to do by the insurer, therefore reducing their costs which are then passed on to you. Similarly, insurers will give relatively lower premiums to customers who spend more with them, therefore the more you spend the more you save.

If you have a fleet of minibuses and want the cheapest and most practical way to insure them, contact Falcon Insurance on 0800 221 8267 for a free no obligation minibus fleet insurance quote.