HGV Fleet Insurance

Many companies rely on fleets of HGV’s to make their company run smoothly, including haulage companies. If you own a HGV fleet, you will be aware of the cost of insurance for each vehicle and the hassle that it can be to arrange adequate insurance policies for each vehicle at different times throughout the year when they are due for renewal.

There is however a way that this stressful situation can be avoided; take out a HGV fleet insurance policy. The main advantage of a fleet insurance policy is that it provides insurance cover for every one of your vehicles on one policy; this means that there is one renewal date per year and one premium to pay which will cover everything.

One renewal date removes the hassle of having to remember when each HGV is due for insurance renewal, and the danger of sending HGV’s out on the road inadvertently uninsured. Also, having one premium to pay per year makes budgeting for insurance easier; you will receive a quote for the total insurance sum and this can be paid in full as a lump sum or in equal monthly payments throughout the year. Whichever payment plan you choose, it means that you will know exactly how much you will be paying for insurance in that financial year; this contrasts to receiving renewal quotes for individual vehicles sporadically throughout the year and paying differing amounts now and then.

HGV Fleet Insurance can be easy to arrange if you work with a specialist fleet insurance company such as Falcon Insurance. They have many years experience in the insurance trade and their advisors are trained to the highest standard; give them a call today on 0800 221 8267 for a free quote.