Car Fleet Insurance

Many companies use a car fleet to support their business activities; this includes all variations from executive directors cars to branded Smart Cars and local tradesmen in estate cars. Whether you have a small or large fleet, you will need to have adequate insurance on all of the vehicles.

Taking out a Car Fleet Insurance policy will save your company time and money which can only mean that it is a positive for your business! The main advantage of a car fleet insurance policy is that it provides blanket cover for your vehicles, therefore they are all covered under the same policy. One policy has the advantage of having one policy number which is applicable to all of your cars; the means that if you need to contact your insurance provider for any reason, you will not need to trawl through paperwork to find the policy number which relates to the car which there is an issue with. This will save time in the office.

Similarly,  fleet insurance policies carry one annual premium; this will make a change from having to renew each car individually and save a lot of time. Also, companies often offer an element of discount for fleet insurance policies as they have less admin to do overall for them, this discount is then passed on to you. Paying one annual premium means that no insurance renewals we be missed and the potential for cars in the fleet driving around with no insurance due to clerical error reduced.

Another point to note about car fleet insurance is that not all the vehicles need to be the same; estates, minis and executive saloons can all be put on to the same policy. This offers a sense of flexibility within the policy which is always positive.

If you think that car fleet insurance could be of benefit to your business, we recommend that you give Falcon Insurance a call as they are leading fleet insurance specialists. Their friendly and experienced advisors are awaiting your call today on 0800 221 8267.