For Hotels

The hotel and hospitality industry is very competitive and includes a range of accommodation providers; from 5* luxury hotels, to budget rooms and boutique hotels. Regardless of your hotel type, your website and business could benefit from having a 360 Virtual Tour on your website.

A 360 Virtual Tour will allow potential guests to take a walk around your accommodation and hospitality areas before they book, from the comfort of their own home. This can attract more visitors as they will have a good idea of the standard of accommodation and other amenities; it also gives you a chance to showcase any particular points of interest such as the honeymoon suite or leisure facilities.

Having a 360 tour on your website will look impressive and also show that you are proud of your hotel and want to show it off. If you have the tour completed by a Google Trusted Photographer, it can be put on to Google and linked to your website through their Business Photographs scheme, therefore increasing your online exposure.