For Businesses

Having a 360 Virtual Tour of your business premises may not be something that you have ever thought of doing, however it can be very beneficial in terms of marketing and advertising. Firstly, having a tour of your premises on your company website will set you apart from your competitors and be impressive for any potential customers visiting your site.

A tour of your premises also shows that you are proud of your establishment which encourages trust in potential customers and clients. For premises whereby interior design and ambience is important, such as restaurants or children’s play centres, having a virtual tour can give potential customers an idea of what to expect when they visit your premises; this can encourage more business.

In terms of Internet Marketing, virtual tours are becoming a big part of SEO. This is because Google have released a new concept called Google Business Photos. This allows businesses to have 360 Virtual Tours and point of interest shots attached to their location on Google Street View which both increases visibility on the Internet and provides a powerful link to your website.

The technology used to create virtual tours is complex, however paying a Google Trusted Photographer to create you a tour is relatively inexpensive. It is definitely a technology worth investing in if you want to stay ahead of your competition and cement your online presence.